This project has received funding from the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation (SC5-18a-2014) under grant agreement nº 641538

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ENEON is a common network of Earth observation networks to provide integrated and harmonized perspective of observations, forecasting and projecting, helping to reduce redundancies and detect gaps in the European EO arena.

Participation in GEO


Relevant written outreach

All deliverables available at the Digital Repository of the ConnectinGEO.

  • D2.1 SDG workshop report (pdf, 3.40 Mb)
  • D2.2 EVs current status in different communities and way to move forward (pdf, 5.21 Mb)
  • D2.3 Proposal of EVs for selected themes (pdf, 1.18 Mb)
  • D4.1 Observation inventory requirements, database schema and queryable fields (pdf, 324 kb)
  • D6.1 ConnectinGEO methodology (pdf, 191 kb)
  • D7.4 Strategic view for the sustainability of ENEON after the end of the project (pdf, 894 kb)



Earth Observations gaps database

See the current full gap table. Send us a gap in Earth observation that is not in our current gap table.


A WebGIS Client providing access to in-situ measurements


Training in Solar Radiation Video

Organized by MINES ParisTech in Sophia Antipolis on 27-28-29 January 2016. During this event MINES ParisTech presented the platform for in-situ measurement under the dedicated session "09:30 - 10:45. Europe through the ConnectinGEO project funded under the Horizon 2020 program supports future developments for exchange and dissemination of in situ measurements - SOS, standards and interoperability".

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