This project has received funding from the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation (SC5-18a-2014) under grant agreement nº 641538

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ConnectinGEO is a Coordinate and Support Action of the Horizon2020 program aiming to link existing Earth Observation networks with science, private sector and with GEOSS and Copernicus stakeholders. Main objectives are to enable ENEON and to provide the EC with a gap analysis among existing EO networks prioritizing the Sustainable Development Goals and the Essential Variables.




some SDG measurable by EO

ConnectinGEO major objectives are:

  1. Establishing a European Network of Earth Observation Networks (ENEON).
  2. Formulating Essential Variables (EVs) using a “goal-based” approach for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and SBA.
  3. Implementing an Observation Inventory.
  4. Populate the Socio-Economic and Environmental Information Needs (SEE IN) Knowledge Base.
  5. Carrying out a gap analysis.
  6. Strengthening the dialogue between the industrial and research sectors in the domain of Earth Observations.


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