This project has received funding from the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation (SC5-18a-2014) under grant agreement nº 641538

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Tiwah (Germany)

TIWAH UG is a German SME focusing on consulting in a wide range of Earth observation-related research. A particular focus is on information needs for sustainable development across all societal sectors and topics. The company has been central in the development of the GEOSS User Requirement Registry (URR), the GEOSS Science and Technology Service Suite (GSTSS) and the Socio-Economic and Environmental Information Needs (SEE IN) Knowledge Base (an evolution of the URR). The GSTSS provides access to several GEOSS services including a Science and Technology Portfolio and a utility to organize and document GEOSS-related session as major international S&T meetings. The GSTSS has been a central utility for the organization of the GEOSS S&T Stakeholder Workshops. The GSTSS also includes a feedback utility for Earth observation datasets and services.

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Main tasks in Project____________________________________________________

The contribution of TIWAH UG to the project directly derives from previous activities related to the URR, the SEE IN Knowledge Base and the GSTSS. The involvement in the GEOSS S&T Stakeholder Network also provides a basis for the company's contribution to the linking of S&T communities to EO networks.

Key project participants_______________________________________________________

Dr. Hans-Peter Plag has been engaged in GEO since its initial inauguration in 2003. He has made many contributions as member of committees and implementation boards, Task lead and point of contact for task components, and co-chair of Communities of Practice. He has been instrumental in linking S&T communities to GEO and both the development and use of GEOSS. He currently lead the GEO Task ID- 03 “Science and Technology in GEO,” which plays a central role in linking the proposed project to GEO and GEOSS. Key role in the project: Staff member leading the contribution of Tiwah and contributing to the work on information needs, essential variables, observation, requirements, gap analysis, user feedback, and linkage to stakeholder networks.

Shelley Jules-Plag has been active in several GEO Communities of Practice and contributed to the development of the SEE IN Knowledge Base (formerly URR) and the GSTSS. She also contributed to the organization of the GEOSS S&T Stakeholder Workshops. She also has taken the lead in identifying information needs particularly for geohazards, climate change, and sea level rise. Key role in the project: Staff member contributing to collection of information needs, gap analysis, user feedback, and the linking of stakeholder networks and EO providers.

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